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Welcome to A Proper Meal. This section tells you about our rates.
A Proper Meal: They cook what our family likes to eat using unique, delicious and nutricious recipes that vary grealy from week to week and even month to month.


Homemade Cookie Platter

“Ramps, fiddleheads, asparagus, oh my. Spring is finally here and we have been waiting for her to come. Bringing along treasures from the thawed earth; we are ready to wash off that soil and get to work.

These new delights need little effort to make them sing. A splash of olive oil, a twist of pepper and a pinch of salt. Some high heat from an oven or sauté pan can't hurt. Toss with fresh pasta, top on a pizza, pickle a few, or scramble into eggs- you will be glad you did.

If you need help, we are here and it only gets better as we look forward to seeing you soon with eggplant and tomatoes and zucchini what else. Here's to spring and summer and great food. ”

“Our family began using “A Proper Meal” about 2 years ago, after ordering dinners in for more than a decade. Not only were we bored to death of our options, but our kids were turning their nose up at the 4 options that were presented to them each night, and at the end of the day we really had no idea of what was in the food we were eating.

Believing it is important not only to eat healthy and nutritious food, but also to eat a single meal together as a family led us to look for a personal cooking service. Our experience has been better than we could have hoped.

Not only do Amy and Tovah insist on using only the freshest foods (they will alter dishes on the spot if what they planned on cooking wasn’t up to their very high standards), but they usually cook using whole grains, lean meats and fish and an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. They cook what our family likes to eat using unique, delicious, and nutritious recipes that vary greatly from week to week and even month to month.

I couldn’t recommend “A Proper Meal” more highly.”

The Walsh Family, Westchester County, NY

“Again, many thanks! What a great dinner-everybody raved about it afterward!”

Janet Klein

“We are loving your food! The gluten free muffins are incredible. Thanks for making our meals so enjoyable!”

Marnie Mills

“The kids are trying things they never ate before. Mealtimes have become so civilized. We all eat the same food, sitting around a table. Thanks!”

Jenny Gils

“The cooking party was fun for everyone! My friends and I can't wait to have another one.”

Stephanie Bernstein