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Welcome to A Proper Meal. This section tells you about our rates.

The cost is $85.00/an hour plus the cost of groceries.

A travel fee of $45.00 is applied per occurrence which covers driving and costs of travel.

Personal Chefs also pay a Tax to the State, which we must charge to our clients and paid back to the state.

Hourly Cost is based on the amount of food chosen. If you chose a small menu then the costs can be relatively low. We have found that an average of 3 entrees with side vegetables take about 3 hours. What also can keep the costs from rising are the menu items. If cost is not an issue and you want fillet mignon every night then the cost of groceries is high, but if chicken and turkey is more your speed then your grocery bill will stay on the low side.

Basically we work with both your financial and health needs to create a service that is unique to your family and works within your routine.